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The Planet Will Be Fine

Attention: People with the reusable bags! You know who you are. Those of you who freak out if I so much as look like I might be CONSIDERING bagging your things in plastic. Those of you who wait until I'm halfway done bagging your transaction before you remember that OMG you brought your bags today!!

And ESPECIALLY you motherfuckers who decide that it is your duty to lecture me on the evils of plastic. Fuck you. 

And you people with your "Hahaha, gotta save those plastic trees." Just goes to show you don't even know WHY you're using those reusable bags.  Shows that two years ago, you wouldn't have given half a shit.  But now that it's the popular thing to do...?  You're all over it, aren't you? >:[

Please, all you fine people, hearken to the wise words of this old dead white guy:


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